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The Marcellus Shale is creating exciting new opportunities for many Pennsylvania families. But much of this new wealth can be lost unless landowners get expert legal planning to maximize and protect it.

At Marshall, Parker & Associates we have the expertise required to guide landowners through the process - from the initial lease through drilling and development to protecting your resources for future generations.

  • Our attorneys have reviewed hundreds of natural gas leases and related forms.
  • We help landowners understand the documents they are being asked to sign.
  • We can answer the many questions that arise as you consider leasing your property for natural gas development.
  • We can even help you negotiate with the gas company to build additional protection for you and your land into the lease.

Of course, protecting yourself by negotiating a good lease is only the first step. Landowners need to create a comprehensive plan that will protect this resource for their family over successive generations. Our legal planning services are tailored to meet your family's unique circumstances and needs. We have the knowledge and the experience to help you achieve your goals.

The Marcellus Shale development offers families in our region an opportunity to create wealth that will not be repeated. This is your chance. Choose your advisors wisely. Recognize that many inexperienced and even some corrupt "consultants" and "advisors" want to share in your wealth. Be very careful.

For 30 years our law firm has been providing estate and elder law planning for families throughout North Central and North Eastern Pennsylvania. We are the trusted source for the expert legal advice that families needs to maintain their wealth and protect it for future generations. Our lawyers have won numerous awards and are frequently quoted by state and national publications. You can trust Marshall, Parker & Associates.

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